Win 1000 every week with Pizza GoGo


Free prize draw. Every Sunday, Starting 8th October, running for 13 weeks until 31st December, we'll be knocking on someone's door to hand them their £1000 CASH PRIZE!

Login/register, then enter your postcode below.
Select your Store, enter your name and address.
Print out the form provided and post it to us. Entries are not counted until received in the post. Address:

13 Weeks of Wins,
Pizza GoGo Limited,
Unit 6, Teakcroft,
Fairview Industrial Park,
Marsh Way,
RM13 8UH

Entries will remain in a 'pending' state until we receive your printed form. It is the entrants responsibility to ensure the printed form arrives at the address above on or before 4pm on the Friday of the corresponding week so our team can validate the entry. Any paid for postal method may be used, however Pizza GoGo Limited does not accept any responsibility for lost or late arrivals.

Promotion over

Sorry, this promotion is over. Check our social media to see who won!