Franchise Opportunities

Pizza Go Go currently has a large number of units operating in the UK. Sites are available throughout the UK with excellent track records.

The Franchise Package includes:

  • 1- Full franchise back-up service and support
  • 2- High profile image
  • 3- Promotion support
  • 4- Training and special courses
  • 5- Superb colour menu
  • 6- Grand shop opening

The Franchise Package is also available for COLD START units.

Why the Pizza Industry?

Pizza has been with us for a long time. There are exciting times ahead in the industry. UK is booming and showing every indication of following the American trend.

In America, the home of fast food, Pizza out sells other fast food businesses. Dieticians also give Pizza a massive Vote of confidence as one as of the healthiest meals.

Pizza appeal is totally cosmopolitan and embraces people of all ages and from absolutely every walk of life.

Why Buy a Franchise?

Most new business fails due to lack of experience in all aspects of business management, operation and finance.

Almost all new Pizza GoGo franchise business succeed due to previous experience of franchisor and full support team at Pizza GoGo head office.

The New Franchise will have the benefit of full training in:

  • * Quality Control
  • * Food hygiene
  • * Promotion and publicity
  • * Accountancy/finance

Special courses in

  • * TS1 Train to Train
  • * TS2 Group training
  • * Select the best employee. (Learn the correct techniques of interviewing)

You would work at one of our established units to gain first hand experience in every aspect. The go ahead to open your own store would only be given once you have achieved a high degree of competency throughout.

When the moment arrives to open your own store, Pizza GoGo's comprehensive company manual will guide you through any day to day problems and the franchise team are always available for you to draw upon their experience.

Thereafter, continuous on-site training, regular visits from our franchise team and regular hygiene inspections, which will ensure the smooth running of your operation.


Most of the items used in the running of a Pizza GoGo franchise are purchased direct from Pizza GoGo or an approved agent.

Fresh items such as vegetables should be purchased locally on a daily basis to ensure freshness.

Items such as Pizza boxes, Menus and order pads are purchased via Pizza GoGo Head Office.

One supplier is used to purchase most goods thus reducing cost and ensuring consistency throughout the Pizza GoGo chain.

Do You Have What it takes?

To make a franchise succeed, first and most importantly you must have total commitment together with 100% support from your well trained customer oriented staff. You will have to work long and unsociable hours in an industry, which is at its busiest in the evening and at weekends.

Everything will hinge on your hunger for success and ability to transmit this determination to those around you. You will have to be able to communicate with and control the young staffs that play an essential role in the industry. Conveying your enthusiasm for the operation and service and obtaining the right sort of response is essential.

For our latest Franchise Pack please call our office on 01708 55 14 14

We are curently looking for shops in the following locations

1000 sq ft minimum, Freehold or Leasehold, Vacant or Existing Business


If you are interested in becoming a franchisee in any of the above areas, or you have a store available for sale/you would like to convert into a Pizza GoGo Branch please contact us.