Promotions Terms and Conditions

Claim your £50 worth of Vouchers after placing 5 online orders!

We appreciate customers who order from us direct. It allows us to process your order faster and more efficiently as the order comes straight to our ePOS system and reduces costs compared to ordering via a third party aggregator who charge us up to 30% commission of the total order value and as a thanks, we believe you should get a share of the savings we make!

Once you have collected your 5 stamps, you will automatically get 10 voucher codes to give you £5 off future orders, totalling the £50 worth of vouchers as promised.

You can use one voucher per order and they are valid for 12 months (don't worry, if they expire, just drop us an email and we will extend them for you) and the discount will be given off ANY order - this includes special offers which are already heavily discounted.